Doris Day and Alfred Hitchcock on-set of The Man Who Knew Too Much (1956)


Hi ! This is Sutirtha Das from Kolkata, India. Photography for me is expression of ideas through the camera lenses. 

The photograph above is of a sadhu (hermit) who is on his way to a pilgrimage in the region of Bengal called Gangasagar. The ritual is about taking a holy dip in the delta of river ganges at the meeting point of bay of bengal.

These sadhus are constantly in search of the biggest truth of this world called LIFE.

My major interest is in capturing people, places with a story.

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"The blues to me is like being very sad, very sick, going to church, being very happy. There’s two kinds of blues: there’s happy blues and then sad blues. I don’t think I’ve ever sang the same way twice, I don’t think I’ve ever sang the same tempo. One night’s a little bit slower, the next night’s a little bit brighter, depends on how I feel. I don’t know, the blues is sort of mixed up thing, you just have to feel it. Everything I do sing is part of my life."

Happy 99th birthday to one of the greatest voices of the 20th century:
Billie Holiday (April 7, 1915 - July 17, 1959)

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n 2014, I am challenging myself to design a new pattern every week. Each month I will assign myself different rules and create a series of four patterns that work as a set. Check out all of my patterns on my blog http://mollykd.tumblr.com/


Screenprint on archival paper 
16 x 16 inches paper size, unframed 
Limited Edition of 22 + 4 APs 


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Printed by Ray Cross of Bushwick Print Lab
Photo credit: Bill Massey